2021-2022 SeasonJoin the Legacy London Dynasty Cheer


Find the right team for you

At LDC, we make it our priority to cater to all athletes, abilities, and lifestyles, while helping them achieve their goals. That’s why we have three options when joining – a flexible commitment, recreational team, two comp development teams, and an allstar competition squad.

Our unique set-up allows cheerleaders of all abilities to train in a safe and comfortable environment and push their limits. Whether you love group stunt, baskets, pyramids, partner stunting or dance, there will be a chance for you to progress in technique and develop your skills. Alongside this, we have a full length sprung tumble strip, so you can learn to flip, jump, and tumble.

Although our teams all train separately, they do come together to make up a full programme team that we call ‘Limitless’. This team offers all members the opportunity to attend and perform at social, sporting, community and charity events.

Recreational & Non-Competitive


Our recreational, non-competitive team, Ascendance is the perfect option for all – whether you are a seasoned cheerleader (who doesn’t want to give it up but can’t commit to attending weekly), or if you are a complete beginner and just want to try a new sport and meet some new people!

With experienced coaches, and athletes being split into groups by ability, this team puts the emphasis on fun, while offering people the chance to push their limits and learn new skills in a supportive environment. This is a flexible commitment team with the option to drop in and ‘pay-on-the-day’.

Competition Development

Prodigy and Revolution

New to the 2021 – 2022 season, LDC offers two development teams which will allow athletes to level up and prepare for competitions the following season.

Our team Prodigy provides focused and structured training for those looking to learn new skills and improve their technique in preparation to move to the competitive squad. The goal for this team will be to perform at Showcase with the potential to compete in the Stunt Group division dependent on progress.

Our team Revolution is our elite development squad for experienced cheerleaders who are looking to move into or continue training at a higher level. Set at Level 6NT, this team will be focused on skills development with the goal to perform at Showcase and compete the following season. A higher level of commitment is expected for both of these teams.

Competitive Squad

Monarchy, Royalty and Empire

For those who want to experience the excitement of competitions, all LDC athletes can put themselves forward for the competition squad. However, please note that athlete placement will be at the coaches’ discretion and a high level of commitment is expected. The 2021 – 2022 competition squad is made up of three full-sized teams, Monarchy Level 2, Royalty Level 3 Non-Tumble, and Empire Level 4.2.

All competition teams will have access to a full sized sprung floor ahead of competitions to run full team routines with jumps and tumbles.